Winter Glow

As the season changes, the cold weather tends to dry out our skin. The skin care regimen you’ve been using for the past few months needs to change to meet your skin’s demands! Follow these 5 steps to achieve glowing skin all winter long:

  1. Exfoliate
    It’s easy to stick with the face wash you’ve been swearing by for months now, but your dry skin needs more than that!  Make the switch to an exfoliating scrub.  Odds are, the brand of face wash you prefer also has a deep cleansing scrub as well.  If you’re looking for a complete change, exfoliating scrubs are made by drugstore and luxury brands. Try some of our favorites:  Biore or Soap & Glory.
  2. Tone
    You may not realize the effects of toner if you don’t use it, but a good toner will make your skin feel softer, tighter, and healthier overall. After washing your face, apply toner to a cotton pad and wipe it over your face, rinse your face once more with water and pat dry.  I swear by Vanya’s Cucumber Toner.
  3. Moisturize
    Your light summer moisturizer just will not cut it through the winter’s harsh weather. It’s time to switch to a heavier oil-based moisturizer.  If you can’t make the switch, add an oil-based serum as another step in your regimen.  If you feel like your skin is drying out with the weather but you’re still naturally oily, try Clinique’s Moisture Surge Intense.  This moisturizer is for dry skin but because it is not oil-based it can help those with oily skin who still experience dryness.  If an oil-based or heavy moisturizer feels like it’s too much during the day, apply at before bed and let it work overnight.
  4. No Steam
    If you have to take a steaming hot shower try to make it quicker but turning down the hot water can really make a difference.  The hot water strips your skin of its natural moisture.  For the same reasons you should avoid long, hot baths or extended periods of time in a hot tub.  On the contrary, invest in a humidifier for overnight healing in the opposite direction.
    Drink water.  Seriously, it will make all the difference.

-Molly Dougherty

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