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As Miami students we’re busy reminiscing on Halloween Facebook pictures and placing our ghoul & goblin decorations in the back of our closets, while our parents and extended family have been sending us E-vites and text messages for the next holiday on the list. That’s right, folks, Thanksgiving has snuck up on us.

Half of us are jumping for joy to eat some home-cooked meals, while some of us dreadfully await our Aunts and Uncles badgering us about what internships we have lined up for the summer. Yet, the question on my, and possibly every Miami girls’, mind this Thanksgiving is: what do I wear to Thanksgiving dinner?

We know what to wear Uptown on a Friday night, to class, on a date, and even to meet with our advisers, but it’s a whole new challenge to find an appropriate outfit that doesn’t sacrifice our personal styles.

Regardless of if you’re punk rock or preppy, there are staple pieces sure to be in your closet that can easily transition to the dinner table without offending your old Aunt Mary.

The Chunky Sweater:


Every Miami girl knows that the chunky knit sweater is a staple in their wardrobe. You can throw it on while running out the door but everyone else will think that you spent hours deciding on what to wear.

Fool everyone this holiday and wear a knit sweater to please the parents and yourself. There are plenty of routes to go as to how to style your sweater. One route is to take a leather approach; dress up the old grandpa-sweater with black leather trousers or a leather skirt. Or if you don’t like leather for your look, a brightly colored pencil skirt or skinny jeans are second options that will make your look pop. Add some ankle booties or pumps and you’re all set!

The Blazer:


Another must-have piece in practically all Redhawk closets is the blazer. Throw on a blazer over a printed top or embroidered tee and you instantly have a look that screams sophisticated and stylish. For an elegant look, pull your hair up in a ballerina bun or chignon and wear a chunky necklace. For a more relaxed look, wear your hair down and natural with a swipe of red lipstick to fool your ‘rents into thinking you spent hours in the mirror.

The Infinity Scarf:

One accessory that Miami girls love to utilize is the infinity scarf. You can literally throw it over your head and you instantly have a multi-faceted attire. They come in colors ranging from neutrals to neon’s and can add spunk to dresses, tops, and sweaters.


My favorite way to wear an infinity scarf this upcoming turkey day is to accompany this scarf with a skirt and tights combo or a simple dress. The scarf keeps you warm but also provides an eccentric piece, and possibly a topic of conversation.

One fun look to try is the faux fur collar, featured below. It dresses up this simple sweater and slacks combo and is a fun way to bring the heat this winter. Pair your outfit with a leather jacket for an even warmer outfit.

-Alex Cooper

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