Winter Waves

As the weather gets colder, you may find yourself spending more time inside the house to avoid the brisk winds and chilly weather.  More time inside can leave you with more time to experiment with your hair.

If you’re sick of straightening or blowing out your hair, try a wavy look.  While we may find ourselves wishing we could snap our fingers and have wavy hair like the pictures we see on Pinterest, it may not be as hard as you think. 

For loose waves, both a straightener or curler can get the job done. Applying a type of volumizing moose can give your hair some extra body to go with your relaxed look.  Blow dry your hair then sort it into sections.

When using a curling iron:

You’ll want to find a curling iron with a large barrel to ensure your hair is only wrapped around a few times.  If you do use one that is more on the skinny side (or a wand) it can work just as well, but you’ll want to only wrap your hair around the barrel about three times (depending on your hair length).  Don’t use the clamp; instead wrap your hair around the barrel and hold the very end with your fingers.  Keep your hair loose as you curl it, and only hold it on the iron for about five seconds.

When using a straightener:

There are two ways to get this look with a straightener.

One way is to use your straightener as it if were a curling iron.  Sort your hair into sections then take a few inches of your hair and put your straightener at the very end.  From there, wrap your straightener around your hair until you reach the root.  Hold for a few seconds then release.


 A second way is to take several small sections of your hair and individually braid them.  Once your whole head is made up of braids, take your straightener and go over each strand.  Start at the roots and slowly work your way down.  Spray your hair lightly with hair spray then gently undo each braid.


Part your hair down the middle for a Kardashian look, or part it to one side if you’re more comfortable.  If down the middle, use four bobby pins (two on each side) to secure your part.  If it’s to one side, criss cross two bobby pins. If you want a super loose look, ditch the bobby pins, spray a tad of hairspray, and you’re good to go!


If you want to add a bohemian look, find a thin headband to wear across your forehead.  Even though the 60’s Woodstock was a long time ago, the style is starting to come back, and you’ll be on the UP when you’re sporting this look!


 -Jenna Pilipovich

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