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When it comes to fashion, my inspiration is always effortless chic.

To many, these two words don’t seem to go together. How can one be stylish and sophisticated without putting some blood, sweat, and tears into an ensemble?

But then again, who really has the time, or desire, to be putting blood, sweat and tears into an outfit?

Especially when you are a college student like us Miamians, there’s nothing worse than taking hours on end to prep yourself for an event. (For me, tediously putting my makeup on and curling sections of hair are accompanied by grunts and definitely a few “ugh” remarks.)

Granted, this doesn’t mean I will ever leave the house without some concealer and a couple swipes of mascara, but we all have those days where endlessly getting ready is not on our to-do list.

You can see that while spending hours on end to look, in my opinion, somewhat decent to society, the last thing I want to do then is mull over my outfit choices.

Inspired by little time and effort, as well as my daily effortless chic influence, I found that the one piece that fulfills the requirements for these incentives are jumpsuits.





A one-piece ensemble that puts the “jump” into “jumpsuit”. Easy, but doesn’t look it. Comfortable, but you would never guess. Youthful, yet sophisticated. Hassle-free. Effortless.

I’m not talking some 1980s pantsuit with a hideous lime green blazer. I’m talking sleek and refined, cool, yet practically blasé, jumpsuits. This isn’t 1980’s, this is 1970’s: poised, relaxed, and utterly elegant.

Strappy or strapless, patterned or plain, jumpsuits are most definitely on-trend. Especially for Spring 2014, designers and celebrities alike have been embodying this trend (some bridal designers have even been sporting the jumpsuit – it truly is taking over).

Pair it with a clutch, oversized or small, and you have an outfit that embodies the phrase “cool, calm, and collected”.

With that being said, here are some examples of jumpsuits you can start paroozing so you, too, can give yourself a break from the blood, sweat and tears that is the world of fashion.


ASTR Faux Leather Bustier Jumpsuit can be found at Nordstrom for $41.98, 50% off the original price. The leather gives a rocker vibe and the flared pant legs sway with ease. We give this piece an A+.


Lux Palm Strappy V Jumpsuit by Topshop is the essence of spring break. Buy it for $120 to get an island look that even Rihanna would envy. (Let’s be honest, we all creep on her island-get-away Instagrams.)


Stand out with this deep V halter piece, the Pearl Halter Jumpsuit, from Revolve Clothing. The print and the dip make this jumpsuit sexy and sassy. It can be purchased for $140.

Go professional-chic with this bright blue jumpsuit that can also be found at Revolve Clothing. Called the Jackie Jumpsuit, this piece is priced at $390.


-Alex Cooper


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