It’s no secret that the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi are off to a rough start. Since journalists and athletes began arriving in Russia for the games they’ve tweeted and Instagrammed the horrible conditions of the hastily built hotels. Toilet stalls aren’t separated, wires are exposed in the showers, and elevator shafts pose a safety threat. The yellowish tinted water that comes out of the tap isn’t safe to drink. Feral dogs practically run the city and scare tourists. Needless to say the living conditions in Sochi are less than ideal.



The Olympic Games hadn’t even begun and we thought things couldn’t get any worse. The population of the world couldn’t be more wrong. The Opening Ceremonies were a total bust when one of the Olympic rings didn’t open. #Embarrassing. You can bet President Putin wasn’t pleased.


All of this comes after serious consideration of even hosting the Olympics in Sochi. Terrorist group Imarat Kavkaz publicly threatened to disrupt the games. This is a serious national security threat, and a number of countries questioned sending their athletes. Russian Intelligence claim to be on top of it, but other countries, including the United States, have offered to step up in case anything does go wrong.

Sochi was also a questionable location because Russia has a strict anti-gay stance, especially in the touristy costal town. A number of GLBTQ Athletes and supporters have openly detested Russia’s stance, but the games must go on.

On the plus side, the United States has already won five medals, including two golds. Sage Kotsenburg and Jamie Anderson took home the gold in men’s and women’s snowboarding, respectively.

Tune into NBC for official coverage, or visit the Sochi website for more information.


– Greta Hallberg

Photos from: New York Daily Times

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