Keeping Up & on track

Even though we are already in to our third week back at school it’s no surprise that so many of us are struggling to get back on schedule after a six week break.  With our reliance on tablets, laptops, phones, and planners there is hardly a valid excuse for missing a meeting, class, or date.  Staying organized keeps you on top of school, social, and work commitments.  With so many options available, organization has never made you look as stylish as it does now!

Beyond the Lilly planners we all have and love, check out Target’s collection of Sugar Paper calendars and planners.  This collections ranges from desk and wall calendars, to monthly, weekly, and daily planners; or get the whole matching set!


For those of you who prefer a digital calendar- iCal on your MacBook is a great way to organize your commitments through color coded time blocks.  Set a different color for classes, sorority commitments, student organization meetings, deadlines, and personal time.  The best way to keep up with your iCal is to sync it with you iPhone to receive alerts.  Follow this eHow to sync your calendars!

Organization blogs can inspire those of us who lack in the organization department.  Check out the Kikki-k blog and the rest of their websites to catch the organization bug!

-Molly Dougherty