Top five best sale items from fall & winter 2013

After the holidays pass and winter proceeds, it’s hard not to find yourself in a fashion rut. Cabin fever strikes us with little to no motivation to truly immerse ourselves in the creative fashonista mindset. We’re stuck in this period where we’ve lost our desire to shop for winter clothes and accessories, but it’s still too soon to start the scavenger hunt for spring wear.

On the other hand, because winter is coming to an end (hopefully soon), that means sales. Ah yes, the beautiful word every shopping addict yearns to hear.

With that in mind,  Up has decided to pick out the top 5 best pieces from this 2013 and 2014 to help you get the most out of these winter sales so you can stay on top of trends and update your personal style (and maybe even ditch those High School sweatpants you’ve been wearing the last 20 days).

1) Booties – One thing I’ve learned as I have made many fashion transitions throughout my years is that booties can go with just about anything. A flirty dress, skinny jeans, a pencil skirt; you name it, it can use some booties. What’s nice about booties now is that they’re going on sale, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear them in the warmer seasons, too (just ask my Jeffrey Campbell Lita boots, those things have seen more action than… well you get the point.)

So because you can still wear booties as winter transitions into spring, you will get great use from a pair of boots. (Warmth factor – you can add some frilly socks with them too to get a girly-punk vibe).

Our fave booties that just arrived on the sale rack are the Valensia Booties by Dolce Vita. Originally $128.95, these shoes are on sale at Nordstrom for $86.39.

2) Jacket with Embellishments – Outerwear has been a huge trend for the fall and winter, but not just any old coat will do. What was hot this year were embellishments; leather, studs, zippers, fur, shearling, or basically anything that can liven up your coat and all around ensemble. Lots of celebrities have been sporting trendy street style in the cold thanks to their stylish coats.


Want to be chic and warm? Check out the Night Contrast Coat from Nasty Gal for $40, that’s 55% off! Blue wool bodice, leather collar and sleeves with some zipper detailing? Sold! (Let’s be real, you had us at 55% off.)

3) Menswear Inspired Blazer – A blazer is the one piece that I can assure you will never go out of style. However that doesn’t it can’t be refreshed every now and then. This year menswear was a huge trend, so it only makes sense to get yourself a blazer that embodies this boyfriend-esque style.
If you’re digging the menswear trend and have yet to give it a whirl, try the Tailored Blazer with Pocket piece from Topshop. Originally priced at $116, this blazer is now on sale for $90.
4) Leather Pants or Leggings – One trend that has been all over this past winter are leather pants or leggings. They allow for an instant cool factor and can actually be paired with anything. Chunky or graphic sweater? You bet. Sheer blouse? No doubt. Silky tank? Yes, please! If you want to look badass and pulled together, these are your best buy.
up8 up9
Lots of places sell leather leggings, however we’re totally digging these Coated Biker Skinny Trousers from Topshop. With zippers and detailing, these are perfect for any affair. Originally priced at $84, these pants are now on sale for $40. (At that big of a discount, you’d be crazy not to buy these.)
5) Something Sparkly – New Years Eve has gone and went, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t shine every day of the week. Stores are trying to get rid of their pieces that are overloaded with glitter, rhinestones and sheen, so next time you walk into your guilty-pleasure-shop, pick out something sparkly. When added to a muted style, a piece that shines can dually, and instantly, glam up a casual look and up your chic factor.
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Get a chunky and eye-catching necklace. We adore the Stone & Crystal Bib Necklace from Nordstrom originally priced at $88 but now on sale for $48. Colorful, sparkly, and with a gold chain? This necklace will sure to last you throughout all the seasons.
-Alex Cooper