Wear it out loud

The age-old phrase goes like this: if you wouldn’t wear it, don’t say it. Well, the fashion world just turned this phrase right around. Nowadays, if you’re thinking it or feeling it, why not let the world know? Wear your thoughts on your sleeve, literally, in an up-and-coming slogan tee. Alexander Wang made quite the impression recently with his “Parental Advisory” slogan tee, as did Jeremy Scott with his punchy “I’m A Mess” slouchy slogan sweater.


Through caution and modesty to the wind when wearing one of these pieces. Use a top, sweater, dress, bracelet, or even a pair of pants to let everyone know just what kind of day you’re having. It goes without saying that one should only wear a single slogan piece at a time. For subtly go with the BCBGeneration bracelet that can be customized to say whatever you want. Or, show your admiration for Beyonce with a “Yonce” tshirt.

Screen shot 2014-02-11 at 9.52.57 PM

Bracelet-BCBGeneration Affirmation bracelet; Top-LOVE black Yonce tshirt; Top-Living Royal Sweatshirt; Dress-Indulgence Cream Black Letter dress; Pants-PINKO floral letter print trousers; Clutch-Boyy Front Row Only.

-Kiley Flynn