Dry hands, goodbye!

The middle of the winter can really take a toll on the thin skin on your hands.  Some times it feels like no amount of moisturizer will help.  Dry hands don’t have to run your life!  Here are some tips for preventing or undoing the damage the winter weather has put on your hands.

1.  Exfoliate

The skin on your hands isn’t too different from your face.  In this weather, your skin will dry out quicker than usual.  It is important to exfoliate your hands to rid them of dead cells.  Feel free to use dime size amount of your face exfoliator or look in to a sea salts scrub- you can even make your own!

2. Moisturize

Right now your hands are probably soaking up moisturizer faster than you can even reapply it.  Soap & Glory’s Hand Food will literally feed your hands the moisture it desperately needs.


3.  Protect

Gloves not only protect you from the cold but also the harsh air.  Gloves has lock in the moisture you’ve just applied and make it last longer.  Plus, gloves are an easy winter accessory!  Check out different styles in fleece, leather, or shearling!

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-Molly Dougherty

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