From A’s to ZZZ’s. . .

Yes, being a college student has forced as all to stay up cramming when all we want to do is sleep. But, is it really worth it? We know sleep is good for us, but just like other healthy things we don’t engage in it probably as much as we should. Here’s why sleeping might be more beneficial than we’d think.

One week of sleeping fewer than 6 hours a night can lead to a change in more than 700 genes!

In the short run, sleep deprivation can lead to unhealthy proportions of food and just unhealthy food in general. It can also lead to things as small as getting a cold to getting emotional or having memory problems.

However, in the long run things might get worse. Studies have shown lack of sleep in the long run to contribute to heart disease, cancer, diabetes risk, and obesity.

Although, we may not be able to bank more than 6 hours nightly with classes, organizations, homework and  alike, try to do your body good and start sleeping a little more.

Happy sleeping!




-Kristianna Csatary

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