New year, new you: Right?

As we wind down the month of January we may be thinking to  ourselves,what happened to those resolutions of hitting the gym every day.


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But don’t fret! Getting into a routine takes time and it’s important to start with baby stepsin our diet and exercise routine, in order to stick with it and see the results we want.

Here are some steps for adding a better diet and narrowing down the phrase “I need to go to the gym,” which can be daunting not knowing where to even start.

1)      Eat one more serving of veggies a day: replace a calorie dense choice with a fruit or a vegetable.

2)       Do 30 minutes of weights for every 30 minutes of cardio: cardio burns more calories but resistance exercises give your metabolism a boost.

3)      Swap meat for fish once a week: It’s lower in calories and omega-3s lead to a healthier heart and brain.

4)      Don’t read on the elliptical: It’s a major distraction and leaning on the handlebars leads to less of a workout.

5)      Cut back on one hour of TV a day: Studies show this leads more people to get up and be active.

These are just some tips for hitting those resolutions and leading to a healthier you. But either way, treat your body right and it will love you back.

Happy Eating & Happy Fitness!

 Kristianna Csatary

Source: Glamour. January, 2014.