Shine bright

During this holiday season, be one to stand out in the crowd!  Sequins are a fun way tojazz up your outfit without breaking the bank.  Play it up big with a sequin dress, or go for a less subtle look with a sequin skirt and neutral colored shirt.  Especially with New Year’s Eve around the corner, sequins are a fun way to show off your personality.  


You can pair a sequin piece with something casual, like jean shorts.  Dress up a laid back outfit with something snazzy, like this blazer

Not super into sequins and glitz and glam?  Not to worry, a sequin clutch or shoes with a touch of glitter can do a just the trick.


Accessorizing with jewelry is easy to do with sequins, since many dresses come in gold or silver.  For example, pair a gold sequin dress with black statement jewelry to make a statement.

-Jenna Pilipovich