Bottle it Up

Sometimes having too much  jewelry can be a hassle, especially when you need to make sure things aren’t being twisted or knotted. 

First world problems?  Yes.  But, in reality no one likes to spend time untangling a chain for a necklace they want to wear when they’re in a hurry.  Thanks to Pinterest, there’s tons of different ways to store your jewelry, specifically bracelets and necklaces.

To go super simple, save your old Barefoot, Cupcake, or Yellow Tail wine bottles.  Depending on which label you like best, you can wash the bottle out and use the neck to hold your necklaces.  It can give your room more of a vintage feel, but it’s looks pretty chic on your dresser amidst all your other accessories.


If you want to cover the labels of the wine bottles, no worries there’s a way to do that! All you need is acrylic sealer, like modge podge (glossy), fine grit sand paper, empty wine bottle, and glitter.  First, wash out the bottle and get rid of any excess wine.  Next, take the sand paper and sand down the bottle.  This will make it easier for the glitter to stick.  Then, lay the bottle down, spray it with the modge podge, and put the glitter on.  It helps if you do the bottle in sections, not all at once.  Once it’s completely finished, spray it one more time and let dry.  All finished!

ImageImageImage-Jenna Pilipovich

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