Beating those winter blues

Is winter almost over? Brrr. . .with temperatures below zero quite a few times the past couple of months (and a tease of 60 degrees last week), I think it’s safe to say that we want warmer weather now.

So, how can you make yourself feel better throughout these chilly days?

Exercise: This will make you have more energy and also release endorphins so we feel better and more alert.

Eat Healthy: Your body needs the nutrients even more during the winter to keep your energy and blood sugar levels up. Avoid processed foods which make you feel more bloated and depressed.

Get Some Sunlight:  Although it’s cold, try to get as much sunlight as possible. Open the blinds and let sun in or even get “full spectrum” bulbs which mimic the effect of sunlight. The vitamin D in this helps mood levels increase.

Plan Something Fun: Having something to look forward to that’s outside of a normal routine might just be the thing you need. A weekend away somewhere, a short spa trip, or maybe a play. Embracing winter and doing something winter oriented and fun might be all you need too. Think ice skating, sledding, etc.

Relax and get sleep:  We’re all busy but it’s okay to sit down with a magazine and hot cocoa or even better taking a yoga class might be the recharge you need.

Don’t let life slip by you while you’re waiting for winter to end. Embrace it and maybe, just maybe, it won’t be so bad after all.



-Kristianna Csatary


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