Low-cal late-night munchies


If you don’t get late night munchies ever, I bow down to you. For the rest of us, hello, here are a number of low calorie snacks that we can eat late night and not feel horrible about ourselves for giving into the sweet temptation.

In college especially, we know how easy it is to late-night feast. We’re busy people during the day – who can blame us? Well, now you can make these quick alternatives that will save you 5 extra gym sessions after the usual chow down post 10 pm.

The best food you can ingest late night should be easy to digest. Meaning, carbs are good, but not with too much fiber, protein or fat. If you do that, you’ll just lie awake feeling like the pillsbury dough boy. Keep reading for some awesome ideas found via fitsugar.com

#1 Instead of regular peanut butter – Low-calorie Raisin Peanut Butter


Whip up a batch and keep it in your fridge. When the munchies strike, just spread it onto some healthy crackers and add banana to top it off! Yum.

#2 Instead of chips – Stove-top popcorn


It is SO much better for you than microwave store-bought bags. Pop it up & sprinkle some low-cal toppings on it like chili pepper flakes, dried spices or parmesan cheese.

#3 Instead of Ice Cream – Greek Yogurt w/ Fresh Fruit


Get yourself a bowl of Greek yogurt and stir in some frozen fruit, apples or berries and it’ll be the perfect amount of sweet to satisfy you. You can even freeze some containers of greek yogurt, then take them out, thaw for a few mins, then drizzle some chocolate or fruit over top of it. To die for. Don’t worry, Ben & Jerry will get over it.

See, we can find ways to still late night munch without feeling too bad about it. Just think, Jennifer Lawrence does it all the time and owns it!

Keep that motivation up – whether for Spring Break, that dress you want to fit into soon, or just to better your self. I know you can do it. Happy UpKeep!

-Katie Deeds

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