Proud to be an American

The Olympics allowed for women all across the USA to show their American pride through their style.

We’re not just talking about wearing a red, white, or blue shirt, but rather clothing stores have incorporated the American flag into sweaters, shorts, you name it.  Even a simple bandana can be worn in a fashionable way.

Something like an American flag sweater with jeans or distressed shorts isn’t obnoxious but instead is trendy.  Not that America will ever go out of style…


Distressed jean shorts, which were extremely popular last year, still are, and some even have American prints on them.  Paired with a simple white tank, you’ll look classic without too much effort.












Urban Outfitters has your classic white tank with a flag on it, which can go with just about anything.  While these clothing items are perfect for things like the Olympics or Fourth of July, wearing these any time of the year will work.

ImagePair this tank with a red lip and you’ll be looking All American.

God Bless America.









-Jenna Pilipovich

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