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On Monday last week, Jimmy Fallon took over Jay Leno’s spot as host of The Tonight Show on NBC. Leno has starred in the late night comedy hour since 1992, with a brief blip in 2009 when Conan O’Brien held the spot.

The first week of programming on The Tonight Show has been star studded – First Lady Michelle Obama, Will Ferrell, Will Smith, and Jerry Seinfeld to name a few. Fallen’s newest sketches and monologues have gone viral already. It’s easy to get lost his YouTube channel when every video haves you in stitches. #Hastag 2, History of Rap 5 with Justin Timberlake, and Evolution of Hip-Hop Dancing are just a few of Fallon’s hits. My favorite is the video compilation of Brian Williams rapping to “Rapper’s Delight,” featuring another NBC reporter, Lester Holt.

Fallon, who previously starred in Late Night, is bumped up an hour in the evening lineup. Seth Meyers, previously on SNL’s Weekend Update, will start his reign as host of Late Night on Monday, February 24 at 12:30 am. (Okay, I guess it’s technically Tuesday morning at that point.)

Meyers kicks off the show with special guest appearances from Vice President Joe Biden and funny gal Amy Poehler. You don’t wanna miss it!

Keep up with these funny guys on NBC at 11:30 pm for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and Late Night with Seth Meyers at 12:30 am.

– Greta Hallberg

Source: NBC.com

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