No more calorie counting… please?!

This article I read epitomizes everything I stand for when trying to eat healthy and something that I truly think people should know regarding their “healthy” diet.

Stop counting calories. That being said it is not about the caloric count that measures our food as “healthy” but what kind of food we are actually eating.

Calories are not equal. Although it by definition is a unit of measurement by a particular food, it depends on the quality of the calorie depending on what food it comes from.

Healthy food full of nutrients are better for your body because they let you know when you’re full, as well as keeping a stable blood sugar level and minimizing cravings. They provide the vital nutrients your body needs. This is opposed to refined and processed food which makes your body feeling sluggish and spikes insulin levels. In this case, it really doesn’t matter what amount of calories these foods have, but rather, that you are putting good nutritionally sound food into your body.  

For instance, pre-packaged, portioned microwavable meals that are considered “diet” food do not make for a good diet at all. Even though you are tracking what you’re eating, it is food that is full of chemicals, GMOs, and allergenic ingredients and is nowhere near having the nutrients that your body needs.


So that being said, stock up on fruits, veggies, wild fish, grass fed beef and good fats such as from coconut oil, avocados, and nuts. By eating these type of foods your body will know when you are full (which is a lot faster) than eating processed foods.


Your body deserves it, after all it’s the only one you have.

Happy healthy eating!

-Kristianna Csatary


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