Gel manicures


If you’ve ever gotten a manicure you would know that one of the first questions you’re asked when you walk in to your local nail salon is “would you like gel polish?”  The first time I was ever asked this, I was confused and decided I should just stick with what I know, so I said no.  A little over a week ago, however, I said ‘yes!’ and I certainly do not regret that decision.

Some of the immediate differences between gel and regular manicures are the price and longevity.  Gel manicures typically run around ten dollars more than a normal manicure but are guaranteed to last up to 14 days.  I got a gel manicure nearly ten days ago and must admit that it still looks better than some regular manicures I’ve had on their first day.


Beyond just being a luxury, manicured hands are incredibly important when it comes to personal appearance. Manicured hands can be the first thing people notice, especially when shaking hands in a professional setting, and can be representative of your personal hygiene.

It can be easy forget that your nails have grown out your manicure or that your color is chipped, and with a busy schedule it can easily get pushed to the back of your mind.  That is where a gel manicure can come in handy.  They last incredibly long with no chipping and the process itself is even quicker because they are near completely dry when the manicurist is done- no sitting at a drying table!

With formal season and spring break coming up, consider splurging on a gel manicure to complete your formal outfit or last all of your spring break vacation- chip free!

-Molly Dougherty