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With spring break around the corner, here are some tips and tricks to prevent sickness and unwanted germy guests from crashing your vacation. Whether you are flying, cruising, or just plain escaping from real life for the week, with some help from Fitness Magazine, I have found some helpful pieces of information that all of us could keep in mind.


If you are flying:

1) There is NO shame in asking to move seats if you are sitting near a sick person, coughing up a lung all over your cabin space. Some airlines are more than willing to move your seat if they have room elsewhere on board.

2) Skip out on the complimentary pillows and blankets if you can. If you have room, bring your own pillow or blanket for the flight. Most airlines run checks over these products, but it is not like all hundred and some of these babies are fresh out of the washer and dryer upon your boarding of the flight. Just as a precaution, I would bring your own.


If you are cruising it up this break:

3) Make sure you check over the Public Inspection Scores upon boarding the ship – just to make sure there aren’t any traces of any bugs going around the ship recently and so forth. There is no shame, once again, in just asking.

4) Pack Bismuth Subsalicylate (BSS), which is the active ingredient in Pepto Bismol, and it may be effective in preventing traveler’s diarrhea – credit for this goes to Dr. Garman. He has also said that taking two ounces of liquid or chewable tablets of this stuff four times a day can reduce the incidence of traveler’s diarrhea from 40 to 14%.


For all people traveling or vacationing:

5) Past Vitamin C intake, there are other vitamins that are great for you to take as well. According to Dr. Garman, Zinc in the form of lozenges or syrup has been shown to reduce the length of a cold by a day. Taking Zinc regularly might reduce the number of colds you get each year.

6) Keep Hand Sanitizer handy. TV remotes, telephones, and door handles, are the most likely places to pick up bacteria and viruses in a hotel or anywhere really. Simply wiping items down with an antibacterial wipe can fix this problem entirely. And be wary of the water glasses – drinking from plastic cups that were pre-wrapped in plastic are best to drink from.


And above all – KEEP HYDRATED! Drink plenty of water, when flying, cruising, traveling anywhere. If consuming caffeinated or alcoholic drinks, they should always be followed up by the consumption of water or fruit juice. I love the chart above & it’s layout of how drinking water at different times helps certain things. Intaking a lot of water not only helps with immune function, it even, in some cases, helps with jet lag.

Remember your UpKeep when traveling these upcoming months & enjoy your time to the fullest by avoiding sickness and unfortunate setbacks. No one likes to get sick on vay-kay!

Happy UpKeep!

-Katie Deeds

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