American aristocracy

Washington, D.C. is home to America’s political elite – President Obama and the First Family live at 1600 Pennsylvania, running into Congressmen is as prevalent as the celeb siting in L.A., and big-name journalists are as famous as the people they report about. In this town, it’s all about who you know.

You would think the active political climate wouldn’t be conducive to an up-and-coming local music scene. Au contraire, Up readers, D.C. is and up and coming cultural hub as hip, young twenty-somethings slowly take over the city. And not just Capitol Hill.



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A prime example is the D.C.-based band U.S. Royalty. Washingtonian brothers Paul and John Thornley (need I point out the allusion to the Bealtes’ Paul and John?) lead the rock group on guitar and vocals respectively. The indie band is kind of a mix of Mumford and Sons folk and rock vibe of The Killers.

Their second album, Blue Sunshine, dropped in January of this year (you can listen to it on their band camp page).



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The surprisingly-cool-for-an-old-dude White House Press Secretary Jay Carney is a huge fan and personal friend of the band. In a press briefing in July of 2013, Secretary Carney revealed that he took his family to see a show over a weekend. His teenage son even takes guitar lessons from the group’s guitarist Paul Thornley. Apparently they “brought the house down.”



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So there you have it. There is royalty in the nation’s capital besides politicians. The D.C. music scene is booming with fully American rockstars.

For more information, check out their website.

– Greta Hallberg

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