Make a shift

With a fresh season upon us means more fashion trends.  This spring, shift blouses are making their mark.  You’ve probably heard of shift dresses, ones that make look more “boxy” on the hanger, but when put on the right person, they can make you look stunning.  This is the same concept, but with a shirt.

According to Glamour, shift blouses are one of the top 10 spring wearable trends straight off the runway.  They’re easy to wear, and you can pair them with jeans, nice pants, or even shorts.  It’s a good way to dress yourself up without doing it too hard. Go with a basic color or make it more edgy or flashy with a print or different texture.


For a more laid back look, go for one that you may need to put a bandeau under it, but don’t necessarily have to.  Despite their basic box shape look, you can have a lot of fun with these.



-Jenna Pilipovich