Wanderlust: needing a summer adventure

Summer break is quickly approaching and what better way is there to spend the summer than traveling?

Whether you’re looking to do a cross country road trip from coast to coast in the US or jet set around the world there is no better time than this summer to pack up and go!  A day doesn’t go by that I don’t think about my next destination.  I have recently been keeping up to date on my “where to go next” list by reading through The New York Times 36 Hours series and Off Track Planet’s Guide for the Young Sexy and Broke.  The first gives advice on weekend trips in different areas of the world while the latter provides witty insight for young people traveling the world on a budget.  Based on some experience and some serious day dreaming, thanks to these books, I have come up with 2 domestic and 2 international destinations that have reached the top of my list, and why they should be on your’s too.


Domestic Destinations:

Acadia, ME/Bar Habor, ME

All you really have to do is google image search Acadia National Park to understand why it has caught my eye.  Do you love the outdoors, seafood, and quaint towns?  Look no further because Bar Habor has it all.  Bar Harbor is located near Acadia NAtional Park so this destination is a 2-for-1 sort of deal.  Find out how the New York Times thinks you should spend 36 hours at Bar Harbor.  It will leave you dreaming about lobster and checking your calendar for an available weekend.


Catalina Island, CA

I loved Catalina Island from the moment the ferry from the mainland was pulling up to the harbor.  What is better than an island that is an hour ferry boat ride from LA?  Honestly, not much of anything.  Travel around town in a golf cart, ride a glass bottom boat, take a swim, and try some delicious ice cream and salt water taffy.  Don’t forget to try the famous Buffalo Milk and go for an adventure while zip-lining around the island (but maybe not in that order).

The harbor upon my arrival in July 2013.

International Destinations:

Melbourne, Australia & Wilson Promontory (Victoria, AUS)

I spent the month of January in Melbourne and would jump on the next plane back if I could.  The Melbourne area has a little bit of everything: the beach, the city, and an amazing cafe scene.  Enjoy some walking (and shopping) in the city but don’t forget to stop at the top 50 cafes in the area and decide who makes the best flat white; spoiler alert, they’re all amazing!  Travel the Great Ocean Road and stop to see the Twelve Apostles and Lock Ard Gorge.  Make sure to make the 3 hour drive to Wilson’s Promontory for some hiking, swimming, camping, and running around on Squeaky Beachseriously the quartz sand squeaks with every step!

Wilson’s Prom, January 2014

Reykjavik, Iceland

Definitely on the very top of my list is Iceland.  I imagine Iceland is overlooked by travelers, especially due to it’s name, but If you’ve seen The Secret Life of Walter Mitty or Noah then you’d understand why we all just need to stop what we are doing and head to the airport.  Both movies were shot in Iceland and the scenes are incredibly breathtaking.  Beyond just walking around taking in this country’s beauty, I have my hopes set on some day attending a music festival like Iceland Airwaves or All Tomorrow’s Parties.


Ben Stiller skateboarding in the most breathtaking scene of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty


-Molly Dougherty