Arm party with Lily & Laura

With tank tops and short sleeved shirts coming out of the closets, it’s a perfect time to spice up your accessories with some arm candy.  Alex & Ani bracelets have become crazy popular, and Lily & Laura Bracelets are right behind them on the trend radar.  Lily & Laura Bracelets are made in Nepal with glass beads of all different colors.  Some bracelets are solid colors while others are a mixture of several colors.  Laura settled in Nepal in 1966 and realized the women there loved making jewelry.  They now make each bracelet by hand along with her.  As she puts it, “Each bracelet is a little piece of artwork”. 

These bracelets are awesome to pair with other jewelry, but at the same time they look great alone.  You can pair them with a classic gold or silver watch for extra arm candy.


These bracelets are priced at between $10 and $15, (for the most part) a piece, which is reasonable if you want to buy 2 or 3 at a time.  They have elasticity in them, making it easy to roll them over any wrist.  The vast array of choices make these bracelets perfect for anyone, no matter your age!


-Jenna Pilipovich

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