Get to know lawmakers in a whole new way


Raise your hand if you’re sick of the partisan BS in Washington? Keep it raised if you like beer?

Then Bills and Brews is the show for you! It’s Washington D.C.’s only craft beer and politics web show, targeted at the Colbert-watching, millennial audience. It’s snarky, edgy, and informative. Win!

Bills and Brews features Matt Laslo, a Congressional radio reporter, and it’s his attempt to rid Washington of partisanship one sip at a time. He brings lawmakers on the show for a “pub chat” about politics and their home district’s local craft beer. (That’s Matt, BTW, cracking cold ones in front of tons of national landmarks.)

It’s a good way to really get to know politicians away from the typical sound bytes and talking points – just a casual, informative and fun show that changes the way lawmakers are perceived, for better and for worse.

Bills and Brews is exactly what Washington needs. You can blame the uptick of partisan politics on a number of factors, but lawmakers don’t sit down for drinks with each other like they used to. That’s when real legislating happens. The camaraderie among members from outside the confines of the Capitol promotes compromise on the floor.

To watch the first episode, read the sassy blog, and check out the sweet gear, visit

– Greta Hallberg

Full disclaimer: I interned for host Matt Laslo this semester in DC so I’m a little biased.

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