Kate Moss x Topshop: Kate’s designer comeback

Throughout the ever-flourishing history of the fashion industry, one name seems to have surpassed not only the expectations of a model, but also has broken most fashion rules, not to mention some laws, and still reigns as one of the most infamous and adored models to date.

The woman has basically coined heroin chic with her ever-present cigarette dangling from her lips and strong cheekbones, not to mention have inspired, and befriended, designers such as Tom Ford, John Galliano, and even Karl Lagerfeld.

For journalistic purposes, I suppose I should reveal that I’m talking about the one and only, Kate Moss.

Ever since stepping foot on the runways in the ‘90s, Kate has made quite the name for herself. From body image controversies to her rebellious younger years, Kate Moss is nothing short of a household name.

(I mean, who can forget her Calvin Klein campaign with Mark Wahlberg?)

Photo courtesy of Huffington Post

While she’s had her ups and downs, Kate has always managed to be known and admired for her timeless and effortless style.

If you, too, adore her punk-rock, boho chic, yet totally contemporary style, then you’ve probably already heard of her most recent collaboration with Topshop.

Kate Moss x Topshop launched this past week which revealed her new line of clothes, or should I say collections, with Topshop.

Available at both Topshop and Nordstrom, the mogul has designed a compilation that truly showcases her effortlessly cool, yet totally badass, style.

With prices ranging from $90 to $500, Moss’s second collaboration with Topshop has four separate collections, named Balearic Dressing, Cocktail Hour, Pyjama Dressing, and Tailoring NoirTailoring Noir encompasses clothing simply deemed for a lively night out on the town, endowed with sequins and all, while Cocktail Hour features more sophisticated, classic dress wear. Pyjama Dressing is solely dedicated for bedtime (silky pajama pants? don’t mind if I do) and Balearic Dressing encompasses festival-concert chic with suede, fringe, and perennial prints.

According to The Star Online, Moss describes her new designs as “being Kate”.

From fringe LBD’s, to strappy jumpsuits, baby-doll dresses, and sparkly tunics, this line showcases daily, and nightly, wear from Kate’s point of view.

Below are some featured looks from Kate Moss x Topshop, styled, and modeled, by the designer herself. Pictures courtesy of Vogue UK.



-Alex Cooper