Braid it out

As the second semester is winding to an (unfortunate) end, students and faculty alike have been scurrying to tie up loose ends and to finally finish the 2013-2014 school year.

With all of this running around, it’s easy to forget about how we may look and even go into the stage of not caring what you look like at all. (I call that the Sweat pant Stage of Stressing Out…Always avoid this stage, if you can.)

In the Sweat pant Stage of Stressing Out, one may neglect showering, throw hair on top of their head, or rock a baseball cap for a week straight. However, thanks to one of spring’s most widely seen trends, you can now nix the messy bun you’ve been spending 15 minutes on and use that spare time to grab a coffee before your busy day.

That’s right, people, braids are back.

What’s ideal about braids is that they’re easy to achieve and they’re a quick fix for a bad hair day. Also, bonus points for second-day beachy-waves from braided hair the day before. (Two styles in one? Don’t mind if I do!)

Photo courtesy of Pinterest
Braided hairstyles at Rachel Zoe Spring/Summer 2014. Photo courtesy of Harper’s Bazaar.


These springtime braids can instantly romanticize an ensemble.

Braided hairstyle from Nicole Miller.


Any tough look is lightened when paired with a messy, old world, Renaissance-type braid.

Braided hair from Alberta Ferretti. Picture courtesy of Harper’s Bazaar.

This updated braid trend inspires braids to become more romantic and ethereal and less messy and grunge.

Braids are rejuvenated for springtime and the old world braid has become a symbol for strength. (Just look at Disney’s blockbuster Frozen and the main character, Queen Elsa; with a braid like that, how could you not rule a kingdom?)


From red carpets to the big screen, braids have made a splash this spring.

Beyoncé rocking a braided crown.

Give that baseball cap a rest and braid it out for the next time you’re clueless on how to wear your hair.

Tips to getting the best braid:

  1. Texture hair with either dry shampoo or baby powder. Hair will look and feel less greasy and the product will allow the hair to hold a better braid.
  2. Switch your part. By moving your normal part from left to right, center to right, and all others ways, the crown of the braid looks more voluminous. Image
  3. Use soft hair ties. When tying the ends of your hair with a tight hair tie or rubber band, you run the risk of damaging the ends of your hair follicles, leading it to become unhealthy and stunting hair growth. Tie hair with ribbon hair ties to save your ends from any abuse, and to add a little style to your hair.
  4. Have fun with it! Watch tutorials if you are unsure of how to braid your hair and try out all the different braid hairstyles. From French to fishtail, you’re sure to find a style that highlights your face and works well with your hair type. Throw in some hardware for a detailed look, as seen at Dolce & Gabbana.

    Hairstyle from Dolce & Gabbana.


-Alex Cooper

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