Make-up must have: The Beauty Blender

As an avid user of the Real Techniques makeup brushes and the occasional MAC brush it took me some time to get around to trying the Beauty Blender… but I’m so glad I did!  The Beauty Blender is an egg shaped sponge make up applicator.  The shape provides all over coverage and a smaller, pointed side for precise application.

The Original Beauty Blender in Pink

There are plenty of tutorial videos for the Beauty Blender that can be found on YouTube as well as the Beauty Blender website. The Beauty Blender is supposed to be used wet while applying liquid or dry makeup.  This is one the Beauty Blender’s most unique qualities and makes it great for the summer when you just want a bit of light coverage.

The Pure Beauty Blender with cleanser and travel pod

The Pure Beauty Blender is the same as the original but without color. This kit include the solid sponge cleanser and travel case.  For best results and longevity, clean your Beauty Blender after use and allow to dry on a pedestal or travel case.

The NEW Royal Beauty Blender– available only at Sephora

The Beauty Blender can be found at Sephora and other make up product distributors with exclusive colors sold only at Sephora.   -Molly Dougherty

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