Flash Tattoos: Temporary Summer Shimmer

Now that we are well into summer, it’s safe to say we’ve all outworn our sundresses, gladiator sandals, and denim cutoffs. But, it doesn’t make sense to buy more summer apparel, seeing as the end of July is approaching like a runaway train. If, like me, you are twiddling your thumbs wondering how on Earth you can spice up that LBD or your prized sheer tee, you can finally find the answer you’ve been waiting for.

Flash Tattoos are the latest and greatest way to shimmer and sparkle this summer without putting a dent in your wallet.

Picture courtesy of Boutique to You.

Flash Tattoos are jewelry inspired temporary tattoos that retail their collections for a mere $20 to $30, and each collection contains three to four sheets of different, yet compatible, temporary tattoos.

These featured tattoos are part of the Child of Wild x Flash Tattoos collection.

If you haven’t already seen on Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr, these temporary tats have been making quite the splash this summer as their designs range from feathers, to palm trees, arrows, fish scales, and even body-chain and necklace shapes. These tattoos have even been spotted on boho-chic celebrity Vanessa Hudgens.

Vanessa Hudgens sporting the Child of Wild tattoo pack.
Vanessa Hudgens sporting the Child of Wild tattoo pack.

These glimmering tattoos last 4-6 days, depending on how you care for them, so they’re perfect for a beach getaway or a music festival. Not only that, but because they are temporary, they are work friendly, too (just make sure they aren’t obnoxiously visible).

These featured tattoos are part of the Sheebani collection.
These featured tattoos are part of the Sheebani collection.

These non-toxic tats can be applied onto clean, dry skin, and like any temporary tattoo, you cut out the tattoo as close to the edge as possible, remove the clear sheet, press it face down against your skin, and hold a wet cloth on it for about a minute. Simply peel off the leftover paper, and you’re all set to shine!


To care for these glimmering beauties, you must avoid soap, sunscreen, lotions or oils near the tattoo, as the oil substances will weaken the adhesive. What’s even easier is the removal process, which consists of rubbing baby oil, olive oil, or coconut oil on the tattoo to gently rub off.

This tattoo is part of the Lena collection.

Flash Tattoos are sold at Planet Blue, Swell.com, Boutique To You, Bikini BirdLF stores, and their official website, www.flashtat.com.

So, if you are terrified of tattoo commitment but still want some body art, or if you’re simply in the mood to sparkle, Flash Tattoos have got you, and your body, covered.

-Alex Cooper

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