Playing with pink

Now we can all be Barbie girls.  Last month Milan held its annual fashion week and the fashion house of Italy itself, Moschino, didn’t fail to turn heads.  Noteable playful designer, Jeremy Scott, who recently collaborated with Miley Cyrus at New York Fashion Week, created a pink runway with a Barbie inspired theme.  The Moschino creative director used big hair and chunky statement pieces to accentuate his fantastical theme as he brought the once plastic fashionista to life.

Although we’ve all imagined what it would be like to live like “Life Sized,” much of the inspiration Scott played with on the runway can resonate with real world style.

Choies pink playsuit $15How can you ever go wrong with a romper? This playsuit from Choies only costs $15 and it’s bright coloring and fun pom poms can give any look that whimsical feel.


Blazers and coats are great ways to keep up with a playful color palette like Moschino even on the colder days to come.  Statement pieces such as these are great ways to show off a playful style when mixed with more casual items like jeans and a T-Shirt.



If you’re someone who tends to stay aways from the bright pinks you can still replicate the unique Moschino look with a gold plated belt.  Worn frequently by the Kardashian’s, a gold plated belt not only shines up your outfit but give it a certain edge compared to a traditional belt–plus you can get one on ebay for under $20!


It’s all in the details! If you’re not wanting the full out pink Barbie look simple accessories and punches of color can still give you the fantastical whimsy Scott portrayed in his line.  Check out this gold and pink stone bracelet from Etsy along with a hot pink color by OPI paired with stacked rings.60e63ea42f58199746c514c922f2090e

-Mary Schrott

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