Fifty shades of fall

Hot date? Girls night out? Want to turn heads even when you’re in a t-shirt and sweats?

I’ve got the scoop on the most fabulous lipstick colors for Fall.

We are changing gears from bright and bubbly summer shades, to a more neutral and deep look.

1. Cafe & Creamy Caramel

These more neutral and softer colors are great with any outfit. Specifically, the days when you’re running late to class and pulled an all nighter. You’re aiming to dress comfortable, but do not want to look like a complete hot mess. Trust me, Ive been there.

Cafe has a more shimmery look once put on, while Creamy Caramel is more of a nude shade with no shimmer, but you can always spice this up with a little clear gloss.


2. Sugar Plum, Mahogany, Berry Me 

I would classify these colors as night-time shades. The majority of girls wear red to make an outfit pop. My advice is to kick the status quo to the curb, and go with a more “purple” tone. Plum and Berry look great with a sexy black, ivory or tan ensemble. Dare to be different. Do not be afraid to try this rarely seen shade!


3. Petal & Blossom 

These shades are always in. Instead of corals tones, steer towards the softer or even hotter shades of pink. “Petal” is a light pink – this is perfect for class, not too much, but not too little. “Blossom” will have heads turning. Rock this color when you strut your stuff into the hottest dance club. Pink goes well with any skin tone or hair color.


4. Retro Red, Traffic Jam, Wine with Everything

Stop traffic with classic hot red lipstick (Traffic jam), or go more sophisticated and business-like; for this, throw on “Wine with Everything.” Don’t want to cause attention to yourself, but still want to feel and look beautiful? Try the “Retro Red” shade. 


For college fashionistas on a tight budget, all Fall lipstick colors listed can be found at Walmart or CVS Pharmacy for under 6 dollars.

New York Color Ultra Moist Lip Wear: $1.27 cents at Walmart

CoverGirl Lip Perfection Lipstick: $5.94 Various locations



(All pictures from “Google Images”)

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