Sneakin’ Around

Looking stylish for class is much easier said than done. When I have a long day ahead of me (class, meetings, study sessions…), the temptation to pull on my trusty Nike shorts and t-shirt combo almost always wins over the desire to turn up the style dial.

I’ve been working on this, though, because I almost always regret this decision as soon as I see one of my classmates looking 100% fabulous at 10am (if she can do it, so can I).

One of the best trends to hit Oxford as far as comfy-chic goes is SNEAKERS.

Seriously, though, they are all over the place: allowing you to side-step those pesky bikers on the sidewalks of campus, keeping a firm grip on the gravel as you try not to fall in front of everyone (don’t worry, I’ve been there, too), and allowing you to make the shortcut when you’re running late (grass stains? Mud? All part of the charm).

Here are a couple of favorites found all over the web (and in multiple price ranges, since we’re all balling on a budget here):

1. Converse

The tried-and-true. These are so cute with everything: skinny jeans, leggings, dresses…

converse sneaker

2. Superga

Love these colors. How great would this neon pair look with black skinnies?

superga sneakers


3. Bucketfeet

These are printed sneaks perfect for those mornings when you just need to slip on and go (check out the other available prints!).


Any of these would be a great option for shaking up your weekday look (and keeping those blisters at bay)!

 -Sheila Timmons

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