Ponchos: a cozy option for fall

I remember when I was in fourth grade, my mom bought me a rainbow-striped poncho at Gap Kids, which I wore with a cream-colored turtleneck and flare jeans almost every weekend. And while I loved it back then (those tassels were just too fun), I cringe a little at the thought of looking like Manny from Modern Family


But then, towards the end of the summer (in other words, when I was definitely sick of wearing my summer clothes over and over again), I saw Vanessa Friedman (New York Times fashion director/critic)’s tweet that said, “Poncho! Need I say more?…#MFW.”

I thought to myself: could it be true? Think about it: minus the tassels, a poncho is really all I want when it gets really cold…because it’s basically wearing a fashion-forward blanket.

And I didn’t have to look far to find updated examples of this ancient garment:


This cashmere poncho by Minnie Rose has a chic asymmetric hem and also comes in winter white…



This navy poncho has a sleek camel trim (no tassels!)…



And this poncho has an interesting print!


Would you give ponchos a second chance?

-Sheila Timmons


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