Sweater weather

Fall is rolling in (even though some days it may still feel like summer as we are sweating walking to class). We, as Miami students, all share a common struggle: how to dress for class. We want to look cute without being too aggressive. This being said, we need to find the happy medium between just rolling out of bed after a long night at Brick and “dress well, test well”. As the leaves change from bright green to muted autumn shades, we are presented with a new complication.. How do we compete with the indecisive weather of Oxford, Ohio?


Here’s one word that will make the weather.com app estimated range of temperatures from 40 to 75 degrees a little more tolerable: layers.

We can all agree that a parka would be sufficient for an 8 a.m. walk to Farmer. However, by 2 p.m. we would rather be tanning by the pool in our bikinis. And then, back to parka weather as we lug our books home after a long night cramming in King. Rather than running home to change four times a day, why not purchase a few sweaters and save some trips down to the laundry room.


Let me give you a few pointers: it’s always sweater-weather in Oxford in the fall. Even if you’re not wearing it and just carrying it around to be precautious – you never know when the wind may decide to make an appearance and ruin our hair. Pairing a sweater with a tee shirt is always a safe bet. And, don’t worry girls; you can still wear your leggings. Finish the look off with flip-flops or boots, depending on if the sun wants to shine down on us or not. And remember, Converse are always a safe bet.


So go ahead girls. What are you waiting for? Let the lyrics to “Sweater Weather” be your bible to surviving the uncertain Oxford weather.

-Emmy Silverman

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