Barcelona street style: the most common trends

This fall semester, I, Up Magazine Blog co-editor, Alex Cooper, have decided to leave Oxford, Ohio behind for a whole new world in Barcelona, Spain for the next four months.The differences are more than evident and when it comes to Spanish, my language level could be classified as pre-beginner. From this language barrier alone, I’ve found that the best way to accustom myself to the Spanish lifestyle, specifically the Catalonian daily routine, is to simply observe it.

With a little over one million people living in the city of Barcelona, I’ve seen new ensembles every day, along with trends that recycle from person-to-person.City-life allows you to see a grand array of people, ranging from low-life bums to high-class aristocrats, a drastically different view from Miami students, clad in their leggings, sweaters, and knee-high boots. So, as you can imagine, these observations I have been making revolve around the fashion.

While celebrities and mega-fashion bloggers are jet-setting from fashion week to fashion week, I’ve found that I have front row seats to one of the best catwalks of all time: city street wear.

One trend I’ve noticed the most since my arrival here last month is women’s platform shoes. Sneakers, sandals, pumps, and boots: platforms are seen on almost every type of shoe style here. Comfortable foot support paired with a chic design make for a match made in heaven. With all the walking around the city, from metro, to bus, to trains or cabs, it makes sense the Spanish women have adapted a shoe style that can keep up with their movement.

Platform sandals seen in Barcelona, courtesy of blog trendycrew.



When it comes to men’s fashion, what catches my eye the most is what’s on their head. Literally, I’ve been paying attention to the various hairstyles. Younger men either wear their hair shaven on the sides with longer hair remaining on the middle of the head slicked back on top, which we’ve seen plenty of in the States as well, or they choose to go au-natural with long Jared Leto-esque hair. While there is a beach just twenty minutes from my Eixemple apartment, these beach bums clean up their look by, again, slicking their hair back or tying loose ends into a bun. Older business men, on the other hand, have their hair trimmed professionally, but also tend to gel their hair back to accentuate their clean cut.

When it comes to men in suits, I haven’t seen a hair out of place. Image taken by blog Spain Street Style.

Now that I am living in a city, one of the most common ways to stand out in the crowd is with an eye-catching coat. With fall in our midst and winter on the way, layers will soon be emerging and so will the fabulous coats. I predict a plethora of wrap coats, shearling, and, the yet to go out of style, leather jackets.

A black leather jacket will forever be cool, calm, and collected. Image taken by blog Spain Street Style.

Now that fall is officially here in Barcelona, I’ll need to sneak in one more beach day before I bust out my own leather jacket.

-Alex Cooper 

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