Styling with starbucks

We’ve heard it before. It’s taunting us like the scent of a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies. Summer is over. Fall is rushing in. We’ve all tried, but there is no way to run from it. And if you do, your legs will thaw up from the brisk chill…or you’ll land in one of the leaf piles that are accumulating around campus. But really, as the leaves are changing colors, so are our taste buds. Do we really want to be eating a juicy watermelon on a brisk fall afternoon? Let’s face it, there isn’t any water in the pool anymore.

Starbucks knows this daunting truth. I would love to say that as things change in our lives it’s nice to have something consistent. Most people would say their family or best friend is a constant, but I’m going to be realistic and say that the one constant in our lives is Starbucks. Tell me the last time you’ve walked five blocks and didn’t come across at least one Starbucks…I can’t either.

As a stereotypical white girl, I know that a venti iced caramel macchiato is more of a statement piece than a pick-me-up. It gives off the impression that I’m not childish and naive like a mocha Frappuccino, but I’m also not uptight and serious like a black hot coffee. And let’s face it, your outfit is not complete until you are walking into class with a coffee the same shade of tan as your new Patagonia vest.

You might think I’m being a little too far fetched, but when is the last time you instagramed a picture of your Starbucks coffee with your name written on it in black sharpie – the coffee cup hovering over the newly fallen leaves and your nails painted a dark shade of purple? Don’t be embarrassed, the majority of you are probably answering “yesterday”.


So, we can all agree that a Starbucks coffee is a perfect accessory to any fall outfit. A pumpkin spice latte is a great compliment to your new riding boots and a mocha latte will complete the look of your new dark-wash skinny jeans.


Like the saying goes, “dress for success.” Adding a Starbucks coffee to any fall outfit will give you just the right amount of pep (this comes from the caffeine) to help you make it through the brisk weather with success.

-Emmy Silverman

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