Got Plaid?

It is time to bring back your mom’s plaid skirt from the 70’s!  Want to edge up your style and/or look sophisticated? I’ve got the tricks of the trade for how to dress up (or dress down) this classic print.

1. Statement Pieces

What do I mean by a statement piece, you ask? Try a bold skirt, dress, pants or a jacket. When adding a statement piece, be sure to keep the rest of the outfit more subdued. A little bit of plaid goes a long way.

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2. Keep It Simple

Perhaps you’re a bit nervous about stepping out in this trendy print. Add a simple plaid head band to your up-do, or purchase a plaid clutch for a night out with your girlfriends. With brisk weather officially here, toss on a plaid scarf.



3. Go Edgy

Want to stand out? Go with a plaid skirt dress or jumper. Or, wear a classic plain t-shirt and throw on a plaid button down. Try tying the button down around your waist for a touch of chic.


4. Be Sophisticated

Off to an interview or want to look preppy for class? Take your plaid button down and add a neutral colored sweater; cuff the sleeves of the plaid shirt over the sweater to make the print more visible.

However you try this trendy bold print, be confident and hold your head high, fashionistas!


Kelsey Maloney 🙂

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