Jump rope is amazing cardio

If you haven’t thought about jumping rope since third grade then today is the day you pick it up again. Jumping-rope is an completely underrated workout, and in just ten minutes you can burn more than 135 calories while sculpting your shoulders, chest, arms and legs!

Below is a great ten min workout that you can do with a rope, or without a rope when the weather sucks and you don’t want to leave your dorm 🙂


Minutes 0:00-1:00 Figure 8

-Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, with the jumprope handles in front of your body one in each hands.

-Trace a sideways figure 8 –moving from fright shoulder to left hip, then left shoulder to right hip

-shift weight from right to left foot as you move your arms across your body

Minutes 1:00-5:00 Regular Jump Rope 🙂

-Feet together jumping

Minutes 5:00-6:00 Jump with only your right leg holding your left leg up

Minutes 6:00-7:00 Jump on just your left leg holding your right leg up

Minutes 7:00-10:00 Regular Jump rope 🙂


-Althea E Perley

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