Mastering your evil eye

With a name like Sasha Fierce, you know Queen Bey can cast a mean evil eye.  Last week, however, Bey chose to show off her smize through her purse while wearing a simple navy twosie.  All Illuminati rumors aside, Bey and several other New York Fashion Week fashionistas have been seen accessorizing with a third eye.

While most all aspects of NYFW are on the pricier side, Australian designer Poppy Lissiman’s clutches were a street style hit with their affordability and flare.  Poppy’s signature Illuminati clutches range from $66-67 and are made with vegan leather.


 The designer says her personal style is,  “anything left of center and a little bit odd,” and describes her consumer as  “very fashion-aware and knows how to spend her money. She’s the sort of girl who knows when to buy an investment piece and where to get the great bargains, which you have to look a little harder for.”                     

Click on the images of Poppy’s purses to get the look!


Though the clutch has become a popular platform to sport the trend, there are many different fashionable ways to give the evil eye.

Click the images below to get the looks!


-Mary Schrott

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