Let’s put a cap on it

Beep. Beep. Beep. That is the sound of your alarm going off after the third snooze. You now have ten minutes to get out of bed and get ready for class to be able to make it on time. Let’s face it, you had a long night. You were cramming for your test in King until 3 a.m. or you were busting a move on the Brick Street dance floor. Either way, you now have ten minutes to look somewhat presentable for your 10 a.m. class. No problem.

…Or that’s what you thought until you walked into the bathroom. The florescent light beating down on your face causing you to squint, but not enough to be able to ignore the fact that you are not having a good hair day. You’re not quite sure whether your hair can pass for wavy or if you should just call it kinked. Either way, it should not be seen by the public eye.

But, don’t you worry child. There is a prayer for this off-to-a-bad-start morning. Why not put a cap on it? A baseball cap is a saving grace for any bad hair day.


Not only do baseball caps allow you to go throughout your day without worrying just how bad your bad-hair-day hairdo became with the wind on your way to class, but they allow you to express yourself. Wear a hat with your sorority letters or representing your favorite sports team. These logos will draw attention away from your sleepy eyes and probably puffed-up face and onto your personality. #totalsororitymove


Baseball players had the right idea. Just put a cap on and you won’t have to make a run for home (because of your bad hair day, of course).

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-Emmy Silverman