Matchy Matchy












Color pairing is a trend that is as old as one can remember. Being matchy-matchy was always what our mothers would make us wear and we would cry because we felt so out of style. My mom would put me in a Lily Pulitzer dress and make me wear a matching bow in the same pattern. I would whine and complain and everyone could tell that my mothers late eighty’s early ninety’s style was not going anywhere. Ironically enough the pairing of the same patterns and colors is slowly but surely emerging back into the fashion scene. Most famously, Kim Kardashian is bringing the trend back to life. She has been repeatedly seen out and about sporting the look. The crop top and skirt pairing seems to be the most popular in her looks. But one could also pair shorts with a matching blazer or emphasize a color throughout the entire look. Even though statement pieces are huge in today’s industry, matching has seemed to become just as big. It is an easy style to wear uptown. You can dress it up: wear a tight crop top and a tight matching pencil skirt with some great heels. Or you can dress it down: wear a loose fitting crop top and a skater skirt.

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 11.03.50 PM

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 11.13.10 PMLeft: Aqua Girls’ Metallic Crop top $56 and flared skirt $52

Right: Alexis Amiene Metallic Tweed Crop Top $308 and pencil skirt $275