Orange is the new stripes

Over the years we have seen a swap in what is in and what is locked in. When we envision prisons we picture prisoners locked in cold, damp jail cells wearing black and white horizontal stripes. However, the popular Netflix series Orange is The New Black shows viewers that prisons have replaced the black and white jump suits with a vibrant orange.


As orange takes over prisons, black and white horizontal stripes have been dominating the fashion scene.

Ironically enough, even as the old fashion myth goes – “horizontal stripes will make you look fat”—many daring girls have been taking the risk and sporting horizontal stripes for any occasion. #rebels


Maybe that’s why they had to wear black and white stripes in jail, all those rule breakers, allowed to break one more rule – a fashion rule of thumb (just a side note).

Wear a striped dress Uptown or a striped hoodie to class – just to name a few options.


When you wear stripes you will come off as both trendy and rebellious. What a dynamic duo!

-Emmy Silverman

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