DIY: Halloweekend

October 31. This used to be a day we would anticipate months in advance. As little kids, anxious to run around the neighborhood and collect as much candy as possible, dressed in a store-bought costume resembling our favorite princesses and super heroes.


Now that we are in college, the holiday is no longer a day devoted to candy and nylon costumes, but an entire weekend of celebrations and the need for multiple costumes.

This is where the problem comes into play. We are college students; how can we afford more than one costume? Don’t fret. I have a remedy greater than a third-time recycled cat costume – three letters: DIY.

Creating your own costume is simple and fun and can be made with the things you already have in your closet (or your roommates). Pinterest knows what’s up.

You can be a tourist: Throw on a visor and a fanny pack over your jean shorts, maybe a Hawaiian shirt and you’ll be confused for a vacationer on a Disney safari ride.


Or an 80s workout girl: We all know someone who has neon leggings and booty shorts. Pair them with a neon leotard and a high-pony and jog into the party. Who doesn’t like a good jazzercise?


Halloween is a time you can be anything, but yourself. So what are you waiting for Trick or treat. Smell my feet. I just gave you something good to wear.

Happy Halloweekend everyone.

-Emmy Silverman