5 Reasons why Halloweentown is the best Halloween movie

Halloweentown is a classic Halloween movie. If for some odd reason you’ve never seen it, I highly recommend you stop what you’re doing and watch it now. But, here’s a quick synopsis for you: The movie is about Marnie Piper (Kimberly J. Brown) who, on her 13th Halloween, finds out a teeny little family secret that her forbidding mom has been hiding from her—she’s a witch. And so are her mother Gwen and grandmother Aggie. Her grandmother loves being a witch, but her mom isn’t really a fan of the whole thing, hence the whole keeping it from her. Anyway, back in Halloweentown, an evil villain and dark force is trying to take over and it’s up to their family to stop him.

I would tell you more, but I don’t want to ruin it for you. Instead here are some reasons why Halloweentown is easily the best Halloween movie (even better than Hocus Pocus):

1. Halloweentown is an alternate universe that would be awesome to live in.

They have a giant pumpkin in the center of town and goblins, trolls and witches/warlocks roaming everywhere. And let’s not forget the comedic skeleton cab driver. Who wouldn’t want to live in that town? It’s Halloween 24/7 there.

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2. It has three sequels.

A movie with that many sequels has to be good. But the first is always the best. And it was a Disney Channel Original movie, which we all know were the best kind of movies when we were kids.

3. Marnie is OK with being weird.

She appreciates weird things and being different. Marnie loves anything and everything relating to Halloween. She always knew there was something different about her and she didn’t care at all. Marnie was a great role model for the kids watching these movies who were worried about fitting in and being liked by everyone at school. Let’s face it, nobody wanted to be the kid at school who everyone thought was weird, but Marnie embraced her weirdness and make it seem OK.

Image via idolforums.com
Image via idolforums.com

4. Aggie Cromwell is the coolest grandma ever.

She lets the Piper kids basically do anything they want (which her daughter Gwen isn’t really a fan of). She didn’t yell at them when they ran away and followed her to Halloweentown, without telling their mother. Aggie has just enough crazy in her to make people think she’s a cool grandmother. And she has a magical suitcase filled with candy. What kid wouldn’t love that?

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5. Sophie almost got that cookie.

Until her cruel mom saw it floating towards her when Sophie unknowingly used her magic. Then Gwen snatched it up and ate it herself to hide it from Sophie. But we’ve all been that kid who was told we couldn’t eat a cookie before dinner, so we sympathize with her.

Happy Halloween!


–Shervani Patel

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