A line that lives on

On October 20, 2014 the fashion world lost one of their most treasured inspirations.  A designer and a gentleman, Oscar de la Renta impacted more than just the movie stars and first ladies he dressed: he showed the world what elegance is. Born in the Dominican Republic, de la Renta rose to fame in the 60s dressing now icons known to the world like Jackie Kennedy.  A deginger known not only in American starlight but around the world, de la Renta’s designs of pure sophistication still live on today. In fact, just this fall prior to de la Renta’s passing he produced a line for fashion week.  Creating on of my most favorite runways draped in pink flowers matching the patterns of his designs, de la Renta manged to produce master pieces in his last stages of life.  Though no new designs are to come from this legend, his master pieces will forever live on as well as his attention to perfection.

Oscar de la Renta, 82, Spring 2015

To those who don’t know de la Renta, they most likely know his work.  


From Lea Michele, Cameron Diaz, Amy Adam, and Jessica Alba…


…to Oprah…


…even the iconic Jackie O…


…and his biggest fan SPJ…


…who wore him even as her famous character Carrie Bradsaw.

As his legend lives on so shall our attempts to emulate the refined sophistication he represented.  Though many of us will never come in contact with his work, we can strive to represent the fashion he stood for.  Whether it’s in a classic LBD, perfectly ironed hem or even the grace in which we hold ourselves, elegance is something one can both wear and be.

–Mary Schrott

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