A walk on the wild side

Unfortunately, as the snow drips from the sky, it appears we may have skipped fall and are beginning to prepare for winter. The squirrels are frantically scurrying to collect their nuts and the bunnies are hiding in their homes underground. This frigid weather makes us admire our furry friends – kept warm by their permeate blankets of fur.


Many girls, however, have learned that they don’t have to let Darwinism and genetics hinder them from wearing fur. Why not take a walk on the wild side? Fur is in.

For all you animal rights vegans out there (you rock, by the way), I am not talking about ripping the skin off of bunnies and wearing it around as some sort of token of bravery and wealth– that’s just cruel (sorry for the graphics).

I’m talking about the fake fur coats and vests that have been dominating the fashion scene. We all have a little bit of an animal within us. Why not let it out for a walk into the brisk winter?


You will never be happier to walk outside on a chilly afternoon than in a fur vest paired with dark jeans and brown boots.


We can learn a few things from our furry friends. We may not need to collect nuts or live deep in the ground to survive the long, cold winter, but, we too, can keep warm from a little bit of fur. You’re gonna hear me roar. 

-Emmy Silverman

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