Show UP

With Thanksgiving and the winter holiday season approaching, there is one thing all of us will be doing besides drinking and being merry: traveling.  A burden to many, traveling is inevitable during the holidays.  Though you may spend tiresome hours sitting in the car or flying on a plane, once you arrive at your holiday destination you are expected to be cheery and family photo ready. With this in mind, there are ways to travel with comfort and style all at the same time.

Travel style

Who better to use as travel style inspiration than the jetsetting beauty moguls Miranda Kerr and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley? 

With these laid back looks, these super models are able to travel in comfort and style by following these simple travel guidelines:

1. Pants.  Sitting for hours can often be tiresome on your waistband so it’s important you chose a pant trustworthy of your comfort. J. Crew offers a variety of legging pants with elastic waists great for travel.  pants

Check out their ankle-zip leggings, pixie pants, and signature leggings for differing thickness and style. 

2. Shoes. While many places require snow boots for the holidays, there are lots of alternative boots that can snaz up any winter look.  Adding a small heel gives an outfit a higher level of sophistication while still being comfortable especially for travel. Shoes

Check out the Aldo Faldrold Bootie, the White Mountain Snack Bootie, and the Crown Vintage Flynn Bootie all from DWS and under $100!

3. Coats. If you’re walking to grandma’s house for the holidays then a puffy parka might be your safest choice.  But for traveling on planes, buses, and in cars a compact coat is the better bet.  A popular coat for travel is the leather jacket because it’s warm while still being a thinner fabric.  It also allows for layering, a must for comfortable travel.


‘The ‘Dean’ Distressed Faux Leather Jacket and Faux Shearling Walking Coat from Nordstrom are great for travel and affordable. Also consider a fur vest to wear under any thinner jacket to add warmth and style!

4. Scarves. A staple of all winter styles, scarves are great pieces for travel.  The bigger the better too!  Scarves are like wearing a blanket and who wouldn’t want a blanket when they travel?


Check out the ASOS Oversized Scarf In Leopard, Pieces Kit Long Scarf, and the River Island Maxi Shoulder Infinity scarf all from!

With these four staples of travel you can make any outfit both comfortable and stylish.  You can also mix and match for the perfect look.  So before you hop in the car to go eat, drink and be merry with friends and family this holiday season take a second to figure out how you want to show up! Put your best foot forward into the new season!

-Mary Schrott

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