What not to do with leggings

If you’re anything like me, you only wear jeans on laundry day or to a nice family dinner. They’re too stiff and don’t allow for wiggle room. Is it really worth the pain? Well, beauty is pain, ladies. That’s what they all say anyway. I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be painful. And no, I am not talking about jeggings. (Let’s forget those exist). Switch that J for an L. I’m talking about leggings.


Look around the room and count the number of girls wearing black leggings. It may be easier to count the girls who aren’t. Ladies, how many different pairs of black leggings do you have? Don’t let anyone try to convince you otherwise, they all have a different purpose. There’s the “it’s Monday, let’s go to class” pair, the cropped pair you wear with Nikes, the pair you reserve to run on the elliptical in, your Lulus you can’t throw in the dryer, and then there’s the leather pair for when you’re feeling edgy.


With so many different pairs for every occasion, there’s no need to wear anything but the classic black leggings. #TSM

But let’s face it, there are definitely some do’s and don’ts to wearing leggings that I think we should cover before we all go running the streets wearing leggings that do anything but flatter.

DO: Pair your leggings with a long sweater and a scarf. Complete the look with riding boots and knee-high socks. Wear cropped leggings with Converse and a long shirt. Key word: long. You don’t want to wear a tight shirt with tight leggings, it leaves no room for interpretation.


Don’t: Let’s talk about what not to do with leggings because often times these classic mix-ups give our beloved leggings a bad rep. First thing’s first, avoid underwear lines at all costs. Hide from them like the plague. We all know you’re wearing underwear, please don’t broadcast it. Number two: if you are a legging lover, you know the see-through test. Hold your leggings up to the light and stretch the fabric. If you can see through them it’s time for a new pair. Lastly, camel toe is a no-no.


As long as you stick to these simple dos and don’ts and do your laundry on a regular basis you’ll be rocking leggings better than they did in the 80s. We’re bringing them back ladies. Let’s do it right.

– Emmy Silverman

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