Stylish alternative’s to your trusty puffer coat

As many girls know, the most stylish, yet practical, way to keep warm in the winter is by throwing on our trusty, long puffer coats. They come in so many fashionable styles and shapes that allow us to be snug and cozy while walking to class.

 However, this winter I challenge you to step outside of your comfort zone and try something different. Maybe trade out your puffer coat for a chic wrap coat on a night out. Puffer coats are amazing, but variety is the spice of life!

Check out my list of favorite potential winter coats below:


This coat. When I look at this coat I feel so many things – absolute astonishment being one of them. I came across this coat last winter, but it quickly sold out and I was crushed. Everything about this coat is perfect, from the draped collar, the belted waist, but most importantly – the COLOR. You’d make the best decision of your life by purchasing this coat.

(Sold Here)


This may not seem like a likely choice for many people, but I think this coat is so chic. I tend to stick to black, so the small hints of grey add some more flavor to the coat. It’s also slightly oversized, which has been a huge trend in fashion lately.

(Sold Here)


I really like this coat, as it’s a similar take on the shearling vests that are amazing. The charcoal sleeves and cream collar are an awesome combination, and make it easy to be paired with multiple outfits. It’s also slightly longer in the front, and shorter in the back.

(Sold Here)


This Calvin Klein is another favorite. Cocoon coats are a huge deal this winter, with Kim Kardashian sporting a different one every week! The pale pink color also adds a nice, feminine touch.

(Sold Here)

Lauren Oliver

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