Sadness as a journey to happiness

The other day I came across this article from, where the author described how it’s okay to be sad and frustrated before we can be happy. Everyone tells us to keep those positive vibes, which is good to an extent. Yes, you want to project good things to happen in your life, but it says that before we can become happy, we need to just FEEL out those other emotions. If we were happy all the time we wouldn’t know what we have to be grateful for.

I know this is something I can personally relate to as I’m sure many of you can as well: comparing yourselves to others! We need to stop. If we keep doing that we won’t achieve any happiness and will just constantly feel bad about ourselves.

Also, by embracing every emotion we have including sadness, anger, and frustration are the ones that allow us to grow as people. By being present and experiencing these emotions, makes us stronger and smarter people. Also feeling these emotions teaches us the lessons we need to learn. Embracing these emotions allows us to recognize what we need to fix. In this way, we can address it and then hopefully move on to the next thing, or the happiness we strive for. The ‘downs’ make us realize the ‘ups’. Both are all a part of life.

That being said: it’s okay to be sad and break down sometimes. People can’t be strong all the time. Do your best. Embrace your emotions. Fix what needs to be fixed and move on to something that will in fact make you happier because you deserve it!


~Kristianna Csatary 

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